[PEACEMINUSONE] Neo smartpen participates in art exhibition

Neo smartpen is excited to celebrate the opening of art exhibit “PEACEMINUSONE“.

“PEACEMINUSONE” is a collaborative effort by K-pop icon G-Dragon and the Seoul Museum of Art. The exhibition was inspired by G-Dragon’s imaginary world named “PEACEMINUSONE” and showcases the work of 12 modern artists and G-Dragon’s personal collections.

Neo smartpen takes part as an interactive project to facilitate communication between the artists and the audience.

  • Through 2015.06.09 ~ 2015.08.23
  • Location: Seoul Museum of Art map
  • Price
    • General (Age 19~64) 13,000won
    • Youth (Age 13~18 or College) 11,000won
    • Children (Age 7~12) 8,000won

Let us know what you think about the exhibition!