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  5. New notebooks do not appear even after checking “V” seal

*The Check seal function has been substituted by notebook ‘Lock’ function for certain notebooks(ring, memo, pocket). Go to ‘Notebooks’ > Tap notebook for at least 2 seconds to access lock menu > Tap ‘Lock’

– Make sure that your smart device and operating system (Android 4.1.2 or higher, iOS 8.1[iPhone 5, New iPad or higher] is compatible with N2


– Make sure that N2 firmware and app software are updated to the latest version

 You can check your firmware version in app by going to ‘Menu’ > ‘Firmware Update’ and app version by accessing ‘Menu’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘App Information’. Updates will be notified in these sections if needed. You can also check your app version and download updates by going to iTunes or Google Play Store.


– Make sure you have activated the pen connection icon in the upper right corner (the icon glows when activated) when syncing you notes


– Try resetting N2 by pushing the power button for at least 10 seconds


– Try formatting N2 hardware by connecting it to a Windows PC. Go to ‘Windows’ > ‘Computer’ > Right click ‘N2’ and select ‘Format’


– Try directly writing into the notebook



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