PaperTube is one unique video production tool which allows you to produce own personal video easily and conveniently by storing real-time screen and
handwritten data simultaneously. Now, just share your own story built around your own thoughts, knowledge, and information by using Neo smartpen & PaperTube!

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PaperTube is a video production app that creates
your own studio whenever and wherever.

You can create a variety of videos based on blank notes or your own material.
Your own template can be printed with Ncode A4 paper using blueprint function..

Introduction of App functionality

Background Change (White/Black).

Background Change


Modify Pen Type
Modify type, color and thickness of pen while recording
Camera Control
Switch between front & rear camera and change position of the screen
Automatic Saving
Automatically save the video in album or download folder after video recording is finished
PDF Format
Share handwritten data while recording in PDF format with the background

PaperTube package, Ncode A4 help to use PaperTube better.

With Ncode A4 product package and a Neo smartpen, you can start using PaperTube.
Ncode A4 product package is composed of Ncoded paper for a blueprint, smartphone stand, and PaperTube controllers.

Ncode A4
PaperTube Controller
Paper Cradle

PaperTube controller,
a paper remote control for upgraded video production

Paper remote control, the PaperTube controller which can let you select various effects on PaperTube app screen just by touching with Neo smartpen,
is an essential item which helps you create more professional and eye-catching video throughout the entire video production process.

※ PaperTube controller is included in the Ncode A4 product package.

※ The downloaded PaperTube controller requires to print out with the printer optimized for Ncode PDF output to use without error.
※ You can check the printer guide on the menu “Application / Service” at the bottom of the “Ncode PDF” page

※ PaperTube is not available for each device, so please refer to the list below for unsupported smart devices.

List of Unsupported Devices
Manufacturer Model Product Name OS version
LG Electronics Inc. LGM-K120L LG X300 Android 7.0
LG Electronics Inc. LG-F400L G3 Android 6.0
LG Electronics Inc. LG-F690L X Cam Android 6.0
LG Electronics Inc. LG-F720L Stylus2 Android 6.0
LG Electronics Inc. LG-F820L LG U Phone Android 6.0
LG Electronics Inc. LG-P755L LG G Pad3 10.1 Android 6.0
LG Electronics Inc. LG-F240L Optimus G Pro Android 5.0
LG Electronics Inc. LG-P815L G Pad2 8.3 Android 5.0
LG Electronics Inc. LG-F350S G pro2 Android 5.0.1
LG Electronics Inc. LG-V409N LG V40 Android 9.0
LG Electronics Inc. LM-Q925S Q9 Android 8.1.0
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. SM-G977N Galaxy S10 5G Android 9.0
ASUS Nexus7 Android 6.0.1
Xiaomi Inc. Redmi Note 4 Xiomi Mi Redmi Note 4 Android 7.0
Xiaomi Inc. MI MAX Xiaomi MI MAX Android 6.0.1
Xiaomi Inc. MI 4 Xiaomi MI4 Android 6.0.1