NEO NOTES™ for Windows

Experience Neo Smartpen with Neo Notes Windows.

* You can use Neo Notes Windows with Neo Smartpen N2, M1 and M1+.

Write on Paper and Check Your Notes on PC

When you take notes with Neo Smartpen on Digital Paper, the notes will be saved on Neo Notes Windows.
You can check your digitized writings on PC.

※ Neo Notes Windows is compatible with Windows 10 PCs with Bluetooth connection.

Save and Manage Your Handwritten Data

Neo Notes Windows provides the same features from Neo Notes mobile app. You can easily manage your notes on PC.

Save & Share

Handwriting Recognition


Offline Sync

Digital Paper Icon (PUI)

Save & Share
Save your handwritten notes as image or video formats. Use Onenote, Powerpoint, or Word to edit and share your notes.
Handwriting Recognition

Neo Notes Windows recognizes 30 langages, including English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. You can export handwritten data to text files.


You can tag pages and search them by tag names.
Organize your handwritten data with this feature.

Pen to PC Data Transfer

You can even use Neo Smartpen without connecting to Neo Notes Windows. Your handwritten data can be transferred to the app when it is connected to the pen.

Digital Paper Icon (PUI)

Once you tap or check the email icon on Digital Paper, the handwritten data will be sent to the registered email address.

Replay Your Handwriting

You can save and share your handwriting as a video clip on your PC.

Note Backup and Restore (Google Drive)

Backup your handwritten data saved on Neo Notes Windows to Google Drive. You can recover or use the data at any time.

Multi-Pen Feature

Neo Notes Windows provides the multi-pen feature that allows you to connect up to 5 Neo Smartpens at the same time.
Try this feature in meetings and conferences.

Classification Minimum specification
OS Windows 10(higher than OS build 10586)
Processer Higher than dual core 1Ghz
Architecture x86 or x64
Memory Higher than 2GB
Storage 300MB
Resolution Higher than 1280x720
Bluetooth Bluetooth V4.0 or higher