NEO NOTES™ for Windows

Experience Neo smartpen with Neo Notes Windows in all Window OS computers.

* You can use Neo Notes Windows with our Neo smartpen N2, M1 and M1+.

Write on Paper, Watch it in PC

What's written with our Neo smartpen will be saved in Neo Notes Windows by each separate notebooks used.
You can see your digitalized writings in the PC.

※ Neo Notes Windows is compatible in a Window 10 based PC which has a bluetooth function.

Save and Manage Written Data

Neo Notes Windows brings the functions from the Neo Notes application to your PC, to aid you in easily managing your written data.

Save and Share

Handwriting recognition

Notes Tag

Offline Sync

Digital Paper Icon (PUI)

Save and Share
You can save handwritten contents in image/video file and easily share using Onenote, Powerpoint, Word.
Handwriting recognition

Handwritten data can be transformed to text file and is available in 30 languages including English, Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

Note Tag

You can make tags by pages and search the data you need through tag search.
Manage handwritten data systematically with the tag function.

Pen Data Transfer

Handwritten data that is written when it is not connected with Neo Notes Window will be stored in the pen and can be transfered once connected to the app.

Digital Paper Icon (PUI)

Once you tick the email icon on digital paper the written data will be sent to the registered email address.

Save and share of replay clip

You can save and share the handwriting process in video clip in your PC.

Note backup and recovery (Google Drive)

Handwritten data from Neo Notes app can be backed up by google drive and the backed up data can be recovered/used at any time
(google drive can only be used when connected to the internet).

Multi pen ideation function

Neo Notes Window provides ideation function where up to 5 Neo smartpens can be connected at the same time and work together.
Try this function at a conference or meeting.

Classification Minimum specification
OS Windows 10(higher than OS build 10586)
Processer Higher than dual core 1Ghz
Architecture x86 or x64
Memory Higher than 2GB
Storage 300MB
Resolution Higher than 1280x720
Bluetooth Bluetooth V4.0 or higher