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The Easiest and Simplest Road to Making a Lecture

Having a hard time getting used to the difficulties of remote online classes and meetings? Grida Board is a web application that allows what you write on paper to be portrayed on the web browser screen. If you have a Neo smartpen right now, just go to our Grida Board website to start using it for your online lectures and meetings.
Grida Board is a beta version. Please wait for our updates for any inconvenience that may occur. We, NeoLAB Convergence, will always do our best to provide the highest quality service.

* The web design of Grida Board Beta is constantly being updated.

Grida Board(beta) is an exclusive website for Neo smartpen that will allow you to
make your online classes in the easiest way possible.
Make your online lecture anywhere and anytime with Grida Board.
I don’t have to go through all the difficulties in learning new tools. Just prepare my Neo smartpen and go to Grida Board(beta) and.. That's it! My lectures will be as natural as when I was lecturing on a whiteboard in my classrooms.

To make an online class with Grida Board, you need the following tools.

Grida Board

Digital Papers

Neo smartpen

Online Class with Neo smartpen

Grida Board is supported in Laptops, Macbooks, and Chromebooks which have a Chrome web browser.

Grida Board(beta)’s display resolution is optimized for 1920X1080. (Minimum Resolution: 1680X1050)


Easily share your notes to teachers and professors.



Make online classes easily with lecture notes.

Office Workers

An alternative for Powerpoint to make presentations.

Making an online class with Grida Board(beta) is totally simple.

Go to Grida Board
Click Connect Button
Click Connect Button
Connect Searched Pen
Searched Pen
Select Portrait/Landscape
Select Portrait/Landscape
Start Lecture
Start Lecture
Share Screen
Share Screen
Share Screen
Zoom In/Out
Change Pen

Experience the easiest way to communicate by sharing
Grida Board to various online solutions available.

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