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AndroidiOSSupports Android 4.1.2 or higher and iOS 8.1 or higher.

Dual OS smart devices which includes Windows OS(devices with Windows Intel AP) is not supported.

Pen firmware version*

After you paired the N2 with Neo notes app, go to
app Menu > Firmware Update to verify the firmware ver.

APP version*

Go to app Menu > Settings > App Information
for verifying your app ver.

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1. How did you get to know Neo smartpen or Neolab Convergence?

2. Which product are you interested in?
N2:Neo smartpenNeo Formidable™(Digital form processing solution)Neo PDF (Printing Solution)Neo School Notes(Education Solution


1. Do you have established retail channels or Partners?
2. Do you have online commerce platform? if you do, please write down the web address.
How much is the average daily traffic or membership number?
3. What kind of products do you carry? (Electronic or IT products)

4. Do you have any expreience on managing in-house customer service center or use outsourced CS organization?
5. for logistic purpose, do you have your own warehouse or proper logistic infrastructure?
6. Could you explain about your company? (e.g. annual sales or number of employees)


1. How did you get to know Neo smartpen or Neolab Convergence?

2. Do you have your own service or software?

3. Which kind of software or services do you want?
Education: Smart e-learning, Electronic white board, Student monitoring , etc.Medical: EMR / OCS, Other medical chartLogistic & Manufacturing: Document processing relating to courier service,shopping mall,factories etc.Office: Processing of documents used for officesPrinting: POD System, etc. using electronic pen & paper solution


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