[Neo smartpen][User tips] Two ways of sharing pages

Hi, this is Ashley Ahn from Neo smartpen.

Did you know there are two ways to share your notebook pages?

Did you also know you can share more than one pages at once?

Let’s check on it:)

1. Using Drop-down Menu

This is the note I just made. I will share this page using drop-down menu.

If you tap the (…) button on the top of the screen, you will see this drop-down menu.

Do you see ‘Share’ button in the bottom? Just tap it:)

You can choose in which file format you want to share.

Among PNG, PDF, TEXT, and SVG(Vector file), choose one.


Now it’s time to choose by which platform you will share your notebook page.

Above list is applications what I downloaded on my phone. Application appear in the list can differ according to what each user has downloaded on his/her device:)

I’ll give a trail of sharing through Instagram(above), and through Gmail(below).

2. Selecting each notebook page

Do you see the ‘V’ button on the upper-left side of the screen?

If you tap this button, you will be able to browse through pages.

If you long-tap a page, you will see a blue check mark on it.

You can check additional pages by simply tapping on pages.

Then, tap the ‘Share’ button on the upper-left side of the screen.

Now choose file format and sharing platform you prefer.

Simple, right?:)

If you have any questions regarding page sharing, please let us know>> support@neolab.net

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