[Neo smartpen] New features: Edit Mode & Tag Saver

The wait is over! We’ve added two new features to Neo Notes: Edit Mode and Tag Saver!


Check out a few examples of the fun things you can now do with Neo smartpen N2:


1.     Overwriting

After writing on paper, you can use Neo Notes to add more words and images to the page. Simply write or draw with your finger on the screen of your device.


2.     Color/Thickness Change

Did you accidentally write in the wrong thickness or color? No problem! You can now easily change both in Edit Mode.


3.     Eraser

Eraser allows you to eliminate typos and remove any unwanted pen strokes. Just select what you want to get rid of and tap the trash bin button.


4.     Color Palette


 Eight colors aren’t enough to make beautiful drawings. Now you can draw or write with any color you’d like.


You can have a maximum of 10 colors in your palette at one time. If you want to change the colors in your palette, hold down on one of the color circles. You will then have the option to replace the color and adjust its brightness.


5.     Highlighting


Students, in particular, will love the Highlighting feature, which allows you to mark important notes as you study.


6.     Tag Saver


Organizing your notes has never been easier, thanks to our new Tag Saver feature. Instead of having to type out a new tag for each page of your notebook, you can access recent tags with a simple touch.


Keep in mind that pen pairing will be disconnected when you open Edit Mode. After you finish editing, please reconnect the pen by pressing the button on the upper right side.


Below is an overall tutorial for Edit Mode. If you have any questions regarding Edit Mode or Tag Saver, please feel free to email




We hope you enjoy these new features and we promise to expand our offerings based on your feedback.


Thank you! 



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