Transcribe language settings

The default transcribe language is set as English. If you want additional languages, download and activate the primary language that you wish to use. Go to Settings > Transcribe Language […]

Sound setting

You can change the sound option for Neo smartpen. If you do not want any notification sounds, turn off the sound by going Into Settings > Pen Information > Sound. […]

Email setting

 Register your email to send your notes from your email account. You can add or change your primary email on Settings > Email Setting. 

Maintaining Color & Thickness

If you want all of your notes recorded in a specific color or thickness when you write while unconnected to your phone, turn on the Maintain Color & Thickness feature. 

Auto off (Shutdown timer)

This feature will allow the pen to automatically turn off to save battery. You can change this setting in Settings > Pen Information > Shutdown Timer. 

Changing Pen Pressure

To change the pressure sensitivity, please go to Settings > Pen Information > Pen Pressure Calibration and toggle around 

Auto on / off

To change the auto power-on feature, go to Settings > Pen Information and select ‘Auto Power On’. If you select Auto On, the pen will automatically turn on, once you […]

Where can I buy additional notebooks?

If you are living in the U.S, you can purchase additional notebooks here through our Store. If you are living in Korea, our Korean store page is accessible here: (Korea […]