45% of frustrations

Sometimes I need to pass my handwritten notes to someone and feel quite nervous. It seems that I’m not the only one who always comes up with a few seconds of hesitation. That’s right. I have to admit that my handwriting is really bad. In fact, I have gone through many times that people didn’t understand what I wrote, even worse I had no idea what I wrote down.


Is it just me? Here’s an interesting survey that I’d like to introduce.

According to a 2019 study conducted by BIC, a ballpoint pen manufacturer, 45% of Americans cannot recognize their own handwriting, and 7 out of 10 have difficulty reading the handwriting of their co-workers, especially when they write go out in front of co-workers to write on a whiteboard during a meeting. One in three people feel anxious, and even 23% feel scared. 

[Well. I’m trembling now… .]


Neo smartpen’s unique solution for those who are in this 45%


What if I could convert my handwriting to a typed formata neat one and share it? 

Here is the inspiration behind our thought.


In this update on Neo Studio, we implemented the function that converts handwriting into typed text. In Particular,  the diagrams and graphs are analyzed to convert as neatly as possible. That is the main difference between the new function and the existing Transcribe function.  The previous Transcribe, which we now call “Simple Transcribe”, simply transcribes the words. The graphs and drawings would be omitted.  The new advanced function, which we call “Page Transcribe”, retains the layout of the page, placing the transcribed words in their original places, in relation to other elements of the page, such as graphs and drawings.  

By using this function, handwriting becomes more readable. 


Honestly speaking, the recognition is not 100% accurate but it is the beginning of a long journey to make it perfect. 


Let’s hop in.


First, update Neo Studio or check you have a latest Neo Studio.

Second, open the app, press the Menu button on the page you want to convert

Three, select “beautify text”

Now your page will be converted to typed text, if you want to share then select the share button and select image or PDF.


It may take some practice.

Handwriting recognition relies on how well the machine extracts features from your stroke, not how clean your writing is. It means, iIf the result doesn’t satisfy your expectation, give some test drive on how your writing is converted. 

Nevertheless, you can directly edit from the outcome of this function.


  1. Long tap on the text that you want to edit in 
  2. It will opentrigger to show you the edit window

Final thought

There is a famous quote by Mark Twain, “Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.”


I do believe in this and Neo Sstudio will be updated with features to find the answer to how we can make the most of the digital writing instrument in the 21st century.



This funciton uses the handwriting recognition engine in the app. Unfortunately Neo smartpen DIMO does not support this function.  It means Dimo users can not use “beautify text” feature.



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