Neo smartpen

The Neo smartpen is a smartpen that converts all the handwritten data created on Ncode printed notebooks to digital and saves it while writing it on the linked device. Experience now, the Neo smartpen that connects the analogue with digital!

Neo Notes

Neo Notes works with the Neo smartpen to transfer your work on paper to the digital world. Whatever you write with the Neo smartpen appears identically in Neo Notes for you to archive and share with digital convenience. Capture your ideas, send them to a bigger crowd, and make greater use of them all through Neo Notes.

Save and Share

Check the email icon on paper or share your notes through social media services. You can export your notes in various formats (even in Text with transcribing function) to your cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox, and more). If you don't want to miss a thing, Autosync with Evernote. Then all your notes will be automatically shared to your Evernote account.

Neo Notes Windows

The Neo Smartpen, which could only be used on mobile devices and tablet PC’s can now also be used on Windows OS based PCs. Download now, the Neo Notes Windows with additional new features.

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N notebooks

We have a variety of notebooks that cater to the needs of designers, professionals, students and more. Every page of our notebooks features Ncode™ technology patented by NeoLAB Convergence.

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Kickstarter & Backers

Neo smartpen N2 is supported by Backers from Kickstarter.
Visit our hall of fame to see our Backers.

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Try OneNote!

Neo Notes added 'Microsoft OneNote' on the auto-saving function.
Now you can experience advanced Cloud services supported by NeoLAB!

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PaperTube is one unique video production tool which allows you to produce own personal video easily and conveniently.


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