Neo Smartpen

Neo Smartpen is a smartpen that digitizes handwritten data created on the notebooks (Digital Paper)
which have NCode imprinted in the pages. Neo Smartpen saves the data on the connected mobile devices.
Now experience Neo Smartpen that connects the analog and digital!

Neo Studio 

 Neo Notes is a companion app for Neo Smartpens that transfers your notes on paper to digital world. What you write on Digital Paper with Neo Smartpen appears identically on Neo Studio. You can easily archive and share your notes with other people. Capture your ideas, send them to the bigger audiences, and make greater use of them through Neo Studio.

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Make the most of your notes

With this new cloud synchronization, you can search and organize your notes from Desktop to smartphone.

Grida board

Gridaboard turns your pen and paper a broadcasting studio. You can share your Gridaboard screen over Zoom, Google Hangouts, or/and any other favorite video conference apps. 

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Digital Paper

We have a large variety of notebooks that are designed for designers, professionals, office workers, students, and more. Every page of the notebooks features Ncode™ technology patented by NeoLAB Convergence.

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Kickstarter & Backers

Neo smartpen N2 is supported by Backers from Kickstarter.
Visit our hall of fame to see our Backers.

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Try OneNote!

Neo Notes added 'Microsoft OneNote' to the auto-saving feature.
Now experience the advanced Cloud services supported by NeoLAB!

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PaperTube is an unique video production tool which allows you to easily produce your own lectures and videos.


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